Hilarious lady-made web series that will help you forget it’s Monday

A couple of years ago while reading HelloGiggles, I was pointed towards a relatively small web series called, Broad City. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? *wink wink*  The show is funny, quick, and it was super cool to have a site do the work and find stuff that I like and curate it for me. It also helps that it was a female comedy web series because very few of them are made and seen. Now, I want to pay it forward. Besides, it’s Monday. You need a good laugh. So I’ve found loads of funny, innovative, absurd, relatable web series for you to watch that are by and for awesome ladies:

Emma Approved

My search for web series by WOC came up relatively dry, but this one is for sure a stand out that I only recently discovered! The web series is loosely based on a modern day Emma by Jane Austen. If you love Olivia Pope and kickass women, look no further than Emma Woodhouse, the over-achieving, adorably dressed life guru. Bet you can’t watch only one!

Kyle June Williams is the Worst

After writing and being in the endlessly hysterical web series about New Orleans, Sunken City, with her co-creator CJ Hunt, Kyle June Williams is doing her own character-based series about the worst, well, everything. From the Worst Actress, to the Worst Realtor, to my fave (above), The Worst Teenage Boy, you quickly realize that her writing is only outdone by her acting range. This girl is a star, trust me.

Only in HelLA

Writer, Director, and Star of HelLA, Rory Uphold, manages to hilariously and succinctly portray what the day-to-day is like for a young woman trying to live her best life in Los Angeles. If you can’t wait for Broad City’s premiere in January and have a predilection for the left coast, I highly recommend this smart, quick, intensely amusing series.

Low Budget Sketch Show


Low Budget? Yes. But HILARIOUS AND SATISFYING too. Each episode of Low Budget Sketch show is five minutes long and contains a variety of sketches about the hardships of life. The show was created by Jorja Hudson in New York, alongside a collection of writers, performers and students from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Low Budget Sketch Show is built on a DIY attitude, a passion for sketch comedy and zero Kickstarters. Season 2 launches in January 2015, and you can expect a totally different structure than the first season!

Interrogation: A Sci-Fi Web Series


For those of you who dabble in sci-fi, I’ve got just the series for you. Interrogation follows a fleet of interrogators in a world that creator Britain Valenti describes as 1984 meets V for Vendetta. The show is also one of the only web series I’ve seen that makes a point of using actors of differing ability and diverse backgrounds to tell the story. When asked what inspired the ass-kicking female show, Valenti explained, “It really came out of my desire to see sexy, competent and dangerous but fun and loud female characters. I’m a big fan of Archer, and while Lana is clearly the better, more skilled, more reliable agent. Archer has the most fun. . .all while magically being the best at what he does. I wanted to have female characters who could do the same thing.”

The NYC comedy scene is alive and well in this web series by Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson. SRSLY is a short sketch series that details the genuine NYC experiences of two 20-somethings. You’ll see the familiar faces of many UCB performers and get a good giggle in, too. Watch this one with a good friend.

Pursuit of Sexiness

Everyone has written about how great Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer are in this irreverent series from UCB Comedy, but there’s still a chance you’ve managed to miss it. Their friendly antics are refreshing and the storylines are evermore bizarre. Watch them commiserate over dating and sex and trying to make money in the big city.

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