Elton John says the Queen once slapped her nephew in front of him, and WHAT?

We wouldn’t peg Queen Elizabeth as a violent person, but we guess we don’t know her as well as Elton John does. In his upcoming memoir entitled Me, Elton John recalls that he once witnessed the Queen slap her nephew across the face. And, um…are we talking about the same Queen Elizabeth?

John writes that he once attended a party with the royals, at which Queen Elizabeth’s niece, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, reportedly wasn’t feeling well. She left the event to get some rest, and Queen Lizzy asked her nephew, Viscount Linley, to go watch over his sister and make sure she was alright. But Linley wanted to keep partying rather than be a responsible brother.

Okay, if this scene doesn’t make it into an upcoming episode of The Crown, then Netflix is doing it wrong.

According to John, Linley got the message and left the party. After all, can one really argue with the Queen of England?

John writes that when the Queen saw that he had witnessed the interaction between Lizzy and her nephew, she supposedly winked at the “Rocketman” singer.


Note to self: Don’t get on Queen Elizabeth’s bad side.

Elton John’s autobiography is set to be released on October 15th. We have a feeling this story is just the tip of the iceberg of  hilarity John has included in his tell-all.

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