The Elton John “Carpool Karaoke” is as amazing as we hoped it would be

The vocals of Elton John combined with the hilarity of James Corden are a recipe for amazingness, so unsurprisingly, their edition of “Carpool Karaoke” was everything we wanted and more. The two hopped in the car on a rainy day in LA to rock out, harmonize, and of course, wear some ridiculous costumes.

When James discovered it was raining, he realized he would need some company to drive to work. Luckily, he was already in Elton John’s garage, so the iconic singer joined him. In between songs such as “Your Song” and “Circle of Life,” the two talked about the singer’s legacy, as well as fatherhood and throwing tantrums.

Elton is always inspired, particularly by young artists like Ed Sheeran and Grimes, but it’s fatherhood that he feels has affected him the most. “They’ve been amazing,” Elton said of his two children. “I haven’t had one second in Zachary or Elijah’s life where I felt that they’d been getting on my nerves…but it’s changed my life.”

His life experiences have just made him an even better performer, and the perfect person to accompany James in some highly anticipated karaoke. Watch below!