Elsa Pataky had the best response to rumors that there was anything wrong with her and Chris Hemsworth’s marriage

Marriage requires a ton of work for a normal couple, but when you add in a layer of fame, things get even more complicated. Because you have to work on your marriage in private, and yet you still might contend with doubters in public. Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth faced rumors of a “tense exchange” that suggested their marriage was on the rocks. The claims were based on photos in which the couple appeared to be fighting (and tbh they literally just looked like they were deciding where to get dinner). But Elsa just assured all that she and Chris are doing great with a Instagram post that gives some major side eye to the tabloids.

Elsa Pataky posted a photo of husband Chris Hemsworth with a caption aimed squarely at the magazines suggesting their marriage was on the rocks.

“Don’t worry love, I would be mad too if some magazines keep trying to keep us apart,” she captioned the photo.

The Spanish actress included a caption in Spanish as well, and thanks to the internet we can roughly translate her statement as, “Apparently, you’re not supposed to surround yourself with any women, not even your agent.” LOL, so apparently the other woman pictured in the photographs was Chris’ agent. And she probably sees both of them a lot. Well, Elsa definitely knows how to defend her marriage. And we’re glad to hear all the rumors were baseless.

Chris previously found himself defending their marriage with an adorable Instagram in 2016. 

It seems some people can’t quite trust that these two are happy. But we don’t know why. Just look at them. The are the sweetest couple. And we hope they have many more fabulous years (and Instagrams) together.

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