Model Elsa Hosk Clapped Back at a Mom Shamer Who Came After Her on Instagram

When are we going to stop trolling moms and their kids on the internet?

Elsa Hosk’s attempt at a sentimental nude photo shoot with her 7-month-old daughter quickly took a turn for the worst when someone commented they would be reporting her for posting child pornography. As if it’s not normal for infants to run around naked all the time. 

On September 14th, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel posted a carousel of nude photos of herself and daughter Tuulikki Joan, one of which showed Hosk’s bare bum and Tuulikki smiling at the camera in her birthday suit. The meaning behind the photos, which featured the beautiful New York City skyline, was actually quite beautiful: “Let me tell you about the city where I fell in love with your dad…,” Hosk captioned her post. And if you’re a little concerned as to how Hosk was able to snap the perfect nude shot, the whole thing was captured by her boyfriend and Tuulikki’s dad, Tom Daly.

Most of her followers loved the mother-daughter photo shoot and found Hosk’s throwback love story super endearing. Unfortunately, the trolls did come out to play and a few of them took things a little—okay, way—too far, resulting in Hosk’s post being reported as child pornography out of concern for the new mom’s lack of “basic knowledge” when it comes to her own “baby’s safety.”

If you think Hosk was going to sit by and take the heat and not say anything, then you’re wrong. The model wrote a lengthy, heartfelt response to one nasty comment, explaining the beauty and benefits of being skin to skin with your baby and shamed the troll for labeling her photos as “porn or a ‘thirst trap.'”

“Wow. Posting a picture where I’m with my baby naked is not child pornography. It’s a normal thing. Happens everyday. All over the word. And if I choose to post that, that’s my choice,” Hosk began on her Instagram Story. “If some sick person on the internet thinks it’s porn that’s that persons problem not mine. I refuse to live my life according to or in fear of sick people on the internet. I don’t live in that fear…”

To me — being naked with my baby is the most beautiful and my most favorite thing. Skin to skin. It creates hormones that help both of us to connect and have a stronger bond. How beautiful is that?

Elsa Hosk Instagram Story

She continued to touch on her childhood in Sweden, where being naked wasn’t frowned upon or considered taboo. “We were not taught that our bodies were some thing you had to hide away in fear of what strangers might think. I think it created a very healthy relationship to nudity and to my own body.”

Hosk wrapped up her response by stating it’s every mom’s, every person’s own decision as to what they do or do not post about their bodies and their kids on social media. If you don’t like what you see, feel free to hit the unfollow button on your way out. 

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