This is what Elsa and Anna would look like IRL

Elsa and Anna are gorgeous in that Disney princess kind of way. They have the perfectly cute face of, well, every female Disney/Pixar character in recent years. It’s not a question that they’re beautiful animated characters, but how would they look with their more cartoonish features (the eyes that take up, like, half of their faces and the cute-as-a-button/actually-the-size-of-a-tiny-button noses) toned down for the real world? We’ve obviously seen real life versions of the uber-famous princesses before, from impersonators to their Once Upon a Time counterparts, but one artist took things a step further and imagined exactly what Elsa and Anna would look like IRL.

digital artist Jirka Väätäinen, who is known for his Real-Life Disney Girls series, finally tackled Elsa and Anna as subjects, creating photo realistic renderings of what they would look like.  Väätäine uses a combination of digital compositing, digital painting and photo manipulation to achieve his eerily accurate effect. Check out his Elsa and Anna:

How is it even possible that Elsa’s braid looks even better in real life than it does in cartoon form?

Anna looks so young in  Väätäine’s art. It makes her almost-relationship with grosstastic Prince Hans even creepier.

Oh, and if you think you see elements of celebrity faces in some of Väätäine’s art, it’s because you do. Part of his process involves compositing real images, including some of celebrities. I can’t begin to pick out any famous faces in Anna though. Through this awesome art process though, we get a glimpse of how Disney girls might really look if they stepped out of the scree and into our world.

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