Detective Elliot Stabler from “Law & Order: SVU” is the sexiest cop of all time

In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit and they are ridiculously hot. Okay, so those last words aren’t actually in the intro of Law & Order: SVU, but they kind of should be, since the cast is insanely good-looking, especially Elliot Stabler.

Stabler is easily the hottest detective ever on SVU, TV in general, and possibly in real life. Olivia Benson is also a total badass and gorgeous, but Stabler is my personal kryptonite. He has a hardcore attitude and an intensity that just makes me melt. If you need any more reasons to love him, I have you covered, just keep reading.


Baby blues. Those eyes they are so dreamy.

Partner in crime… or law. Stabler was actually the best partner ever. He always had Liv’s (yes they had nicknames for each other) back no matter what the situation. It somehow made him even more endearing.


His ability to make police work look easy. Come on, being a detective would be SO hard, yet Elliot does it with ease. He is a really hard worker and always gives 110 percent when it comes to the job.

Family man. Even though Elliot had his ups and downs with his wife Kathy, he was ultimately a good husband and a great father. He loved his family more than anything and he even tried to save his daughter from jail time when she got into serious trouble by cheating the system. It was a bad idea, but it was out of love.

That sexy smile. If you did’t go weak in the knees when Stabler smiled or even smirked then you’re lying to yourself.


Serious jokester. You might’ve overlooked this trait, but Elliot could tell a good joke with the best of them. Sure he was serious most of the time, but he did poke fun at Detective Tutuola and Detective Munch and it was hilarious.

Sexual chemistry. There is no denying that Stabler and Benson had some serious chemistry on the series, so much so that we still don’t understand why they didn’t hookup. Oh, wait he was married (and loyal). That’s why!


Kids LOVED him. Any episode with a child on SVU was sad, obviously, but it also gave us a chance to see Elliot work his magic. He connected with the kids every time and it was so cute. Remember when the one little boy even came home with him and he helped give him a bath with his wife? It was SO freaking adorable.

Arm muscles. We’d take a ticket to Elliot’s gun show any day. Plus, that tattoo was hot.


Suit status. He was so handsome, no matter what he was wearing, but there is something about a guy in a suit that makes them so much more attractive.

He knows how to comfort just about anyone. From grieving parents to his own partner, Elliot always knew the right thing to say at exactly the right time. It was so charming.

Detective Elliot Stabler was beyond sexy and we can barely even handle it. The day he left Law & Order: SVU was a heartbreaking moment for all of us. Fingers crossed he comes back into our lives on the new season because you can never have too much Stabler!