Jenna Ortega told us her You Season 3 theory, and it spells bad news for Joe and Love

This post contains spoilers from You Seasons 1 and 2.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already binged You Season 2—twice. Just like the ending of the first season of the psychological thriller, the gut-wrenching Season 2 finale left us with so many questions. Who is Joe’s new neighbor? Will Fincher keep looking into Joe’s past? Will Joe cheat on Love? Not to mention there’s still the unknown fate of Ellie, who’s left all alone after Delilah is murdered. Well, the real-life Ellie Alves, actress Jenna Ortega, has a plan for her character if she appears in You Season 3, and it involves some well-deserved revenge.


At the end of Season 2, 15-year-old Ellie is left with no family or place to live, and she’s basically falling apart (as one would). On top of losing her sister, Ellie is forced out of L.A. by Joe, keeping her away from the dangerous Quinn family. Even though we see Joe and Ellie staying in contact through the mail, Ortega believes that her character will still resent the hell out of Joe in Season 3. Although the actress doesn’t know exactly what’s in store for Ellie just yet, she has an ideal situation in mind.

"I think Ellie will come back even more badass than she was in the second season," Ortega tells HelloGiggles. "I would love to see her take Joe and Love down. I saw some people saying they want Ellie to come back and kill these characters, but I don’t want her to become a murderer. Even though she’s not very innocent, I still believe deep down that she’s too pure for that. That’s evil, and I don’t want her to go into that realm of violence. But I would love to see her take them down."

Us too, Jenna. No one deserves to pay for their actions more than Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, and no one deserves to put them in their place more than Ellie Alves.


When Ortega first took on the role of Joe Goldberg’s spunky and smart neighbor, she read the series one script at a time as she filmed, experiencing the show just as a viewer would, episode by episode. This left the 17-year-old just as blown away by each crazy plot twist as we were while watching the series unfold. Little did she know, she was the only cast member left in the dark.

"Everybody was pulled aside early on in the season and was told what was going on with their characters and whatnot," Ortega recalls. "I don't know why they didn't tell me, to be honest, but I didn't have that luxury. I was genuinely confused the entire time I was reading. I was figuring out information script-by-script. I would read an episode and then go over to my castmates and be like 'Guys can you believe this happened?!' and they would just say, 'Well, we’ve known about it for four months, so yeah.'


It’s no secret that You is chock-full of moments that make viewers audibly gasp. But when Ortega was filming, she experienced a gasp-inducing moment of her own.

When arriving on set one day, the actress entered through a different stage door than normal, thinking she was heading into the Alves’ kitchen. Turns out, she stumbled upon the dreaded storage unit where Joe’s glass box sat.

"My heart sank. That room is creepy," Ortega tellsHelloGiggles. "Then the writers came in and they were like 'You weren’t supposed to see this!' but I said, 'Can I step inside?' It was not fun to be in—it’s dimly lit, there are lights flickering, and it’s cold in there. It lives up to expectations."

Since the real-life glass box sounds like it’s exactly how it’s portrayed on the show, we have to wonder if the on-set atmosphere reflected the dark tone of the series, too.

Ortega and Penn Badgley, who plays stalker/murderer/psychopath Joe Goldberg, shared several intense scenes together, and Ortega notes how the mood changed dramatically during these moments.

"When we shot those scenes, the energy on set got very dim," Ortega says. "Typically, Penn likes to make things lighter and more fun because he knows it is such an intense show. He doesn’t want that to weigh on everyone, because it really does take a toll on your energy and mental state."

Ortega and Badgley kept the on-set energy lighthearted by talking about “anything that would kind of keep our minds off of what was going on when the camera started rolling,” like school, friends, and their hometowns. Ortega says that Badgley would even show her funny memes in between takes. So, when Joe exiles Ellie to the East Coast to keep her from finding out that Love murdered Delilah and she tells him to “rot in hell,” they quite possibly were laughing at the kombucha girl meme just moments before. We hope Badgley has seen the countless memes that involve his own facesince he’s taken on the role of Joe Goldberg, because they’re comedy gold. false

When she’s not sharing memes with her co-stars or stumbling into creepy sets, Ortega is advocating for causes that are important to her, like the immigration crisis and climate change. Currently, the star is helping homeless teens by partnering with and Aéropostale for their Teens for Jeans campaign, which has already donated five million pairs of jeans to homeless youth. The 17-year-old wants to encourage others to speak up about the causes they’re passionate about, and take action in their communities.

"I’ve noticed that my generation can sometimes be caught up in the finer things in life because of the lifestyles they follow on social media," Ortega says. "It’s important to realize that not everybody is as fortunate as you are, and give back. There are other kids your age struggling, and you have the ability to help."

Ortega’s philanthropic awareness as a teenager is impressive. The cause we’re hoping Ellie Alves is the most passionate about, on the other hand? Taking Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn down for good. Buckle up, You fans—we have a feeling that Season 3 will be another wild ride.