Today in aww: Ellie Kemper’s baby will only stop crying when he sees Allison William’s face

Babies are, you know…babies. They cry, they poop, they laugh. They do any and all of these things for little to no reason, and it’s totally okay. And regardless if you’re a mom or have only babysat, then you’ll know how difficult it is to calm a crying baby. But sometimes, oh sometimes…you just find a trick. Well for Ellie Kemper’s baby, the only thing that calms down her son James is seeing Allison Williams’ face. Yes, this is real! According to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star on Late Night with Seth MeyersJames stopped crying after seeing a cover of an in-flight magazine with Allison’s face on it.

Everyone knows what it’s like to see a baby on a plane. The last thing you want is a crying baby making every passenger upset! So thank God for Allison’s face because it was literally Ellie’s saving grace.


In the interview, Ellie says “Her gorgeous face delighted my child. It was the only thing that worked. And we were like, flipping through the magazine, there were like ads for shoes, James would not smile, and then her face would come on again and he just lit up.”

The best part? Ellie has acquired many more magazines with Allison’s face on it because she is the #babywhisperer. This is pretty great, and we love that this is the baby trick that Ellie keeps around whenever she needs (like during a six hour layover.) Here’s to you Allison!