Ellie Goulding responds to those lip sync accusations like a total boss queen

Ellie Goulding recently found herself staring in the face of a lip sync snafu. While performing at the Australian Football League, she took to the stage, totally set to perform. And then that’s when not one, but two different Ellie Goulding songs started playing, vocals and all, before she had even brought the mic close enough to her face to start singing. Uh oh.


Those in attendance at the game, and the Internet, were quick to yell, “LIP SYNC!” But Goulding has a different side to the story, and is not shying away from what happened. She took to her Twitter to clear everything up and offer up an explanation as to what went down, reassuring her fans that she always gives, “100%.”

Goulding’s side of the story involves a cold and a lost voice, along with an accidental miscue from one of the sound technicians working on her performance. Instead of cuing up one song, he cued up two, which is why we hear two different songs without Goulding even opening her mouth.

She also loves that people are calling her out on lip synching, because that just means she sounds PHENOMENAL live. In her own words, it’s a “rad compliment.”

So while Goulding might have been using a backing track for this performance due to her cold, no, she’s not one to lip sync. Have you ever even SEEN Goulding in concert, and the way she jumps and dances all around the stage? That her giving 100%, voice and all.

Just see and hear for yourself:


(Image via iStock)