We’re loving the Vegas rodeo vibes in Ellie Goulding’s new music video

“You think you know somebody”: So goes the refrain in Ellie Goulding’s new song “On My Mind,” which trades her, shall we say, starry-eyed songs of yore for something a little less romantic but no less catchy. In the run-up to her third album Delirium, Goulding’s pushing her breathy voice to new heights, and she’s taking longtime listeners and new fans along for the ride.

That’s also the premise of “On My Mind’s” music video, which takes Goulding’s “What do I do with this relationship?” sentiment and places it within the context of the Wild Wild West (or, y’know, Las Vegas). With a lover who both won’t leave her alone and won’t love her in the way she wants, Goulding asks herself, “Why I got you on my mind / but my heart don’t understand,” both disgusted by her soon-to-be ex and also confused as to how she’s actually feeling.

Though the lyrics behind the song are pretty ambiguous, Goulding’s imagery for the music video is anything but. The visuals of the video are slick, candy-colored, and bright in that nightlife-heavy way, and within it all, Goulding shines like a torch, presiding over her sad, angry sack of a companion. Eventually, she gets fed up — and goes after him and the casino riches he hordes.

Some outlets have compared the general plot of the video to the classic ladies-who-take-revenge tale Thelma and Louise, but given the cartoon intercuts and over-the-top spectacle, we’re more inclined to call this video a spiritual successor to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” It’s less outwardly wacky, but it’s just as sharp, sly, and stylish (seriously coveting that entire wardrobe).

Watch the video below; we can’t wait to hear what else Goulding has up her sleeve.

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