Ellen Pompeo dragged Woody Allen in an epic Twitter rant, and Dylan Farrow responded

Social media is a funny thing, isn’t it? Ellen Pompeo used to be best known for playing Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. (And for inspiring Taylor Swift to name her first cat Meredith.) But in recent years, she’s proven herself to be a strong social justice queen and a fierce tweeter. On Friday, January 5th, Ellen Pompeo expressed her frustration about Woody Allen on Twitter, completely slamming the director.

Her rant began when she retweeted our article about Allen’s journals, which confirmed his obsession with teenage girls. ICYMI, a journalist went through his personal journals and discovered enough material to prove once and for all that he should swiftly be removed from working with anyone, especially young women.

Some people already know this — in fact, most people already know this. But for some reason, Allen hasn’t been held to the same standard as many men in Hollywood accused of sexual misconduct. Dylan Farrow, who has long accused her adoptive father of sexually abusing her as a child, has been one of the loudest voices on the matter. Farrow has expressed frustration about Allen for years. Together, Pompeo and Farrow created a Twitter interaction that was at both heartwarming and infuriating.

They both want to know: Why isn’t Allen being held accountable for his inappropriate actions?

Ellen Pompeo’s tweets began and she was on fire.

She quickly corrected that she meant “ambition is blind,” not “kind.”

We get it, girl. It’s hard to spell everything correctly when you’re this mad.

Then, she called him a “fool.”

Pompeo continued, calling out Allen for not casting many people of color in his films, adding that she wouldn’t know for sure because she doesn’t watch his “bougie” films.

Pompeo kept up, calling out actors for working with him and calling them award chasers.

And no, she wasn’t drunk.

Farrow’s tweet to Pompeo was short and sweet, but gave us such a strong sense of solidarity.

After decades of people not believing her, Dylan Farrow finally has people who are publicly calling out Allen. It will never reverse what allegedly happened to her, or the aftermath of having to live as a survivor while your alleged abuser remains incredibly famous and seemingly untouchable. But it’s something.

Having other actors and actresses stand up and say #MeToo, or reach out to support Farrow and other people who have been hurt, is at least a comfort. Knowing that we and they are not alone is a start. To actors like Ellen Pompeo who don’t keep quiet, we thank you.

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