Ellen Pompeo on “Grey’s Anatomy” 300th episode: “I can’t believe people aren’t sick of me yet”

Grey’s Anatomy is a show that has been on for 100 years years. We’re kidding, but it feels like that, IN A GOOD WAY. Grey’s Anatomy is a rare show that evolves and morphs year after year, and because of that, it is celebrating its 300th episode this week. A feat that Ellen Pompeo says she can’t believe.

“Every year I keep saying ‘this is the last year, they’re definitely gonna get sick of us, the ratings are going to plummet and we’re over at the end of this year.’ I say it every single year and it never happens. I can’t believe people aren’t sick of me yet,” she joked during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

When Meyers asked why she thought the show was so popular even after 14 seasons, Pompeo thinks that it’s because the show and the fans were okay with letting the series become something new every season and allowing it to bounce back even after major characters dropped like flies throughout the show’s run.

“I do my best and we all do our best. It’s actually the journey of it has been quite interesting because obviously, we’ve had our ups and downs behind the scenes,” Pompeo added. “I love that the journey as a whole, it started out one way and right now where we are is such a different place from where we started. It’s been a very interesting journey.”

Watch Pompeo tell Meyers why she thinks her beloved show is so resilient.


Pompeo also joked that when Patrick Dempsey left the network rushed to give her a new love interest, or as Pompeo said with a wry smile “Because I could never carry a show, let’s not get crazy.”


Let’s get one thing straight, Meredith Grey has been sailing this ship since day one!

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