Hey, remember that time Ellen Pompeo was on “Friends?”

As one of THE most iconic TV shows of the ’90s (and early ’00s), Friends not only launched the careers of all its stars into the celeb-stratosphere, but it also featured plenty of already-famous faces, too.


But do you remember all the not-yet-famous stars who made brief appearances as well?

Like…Dr. Meredith Grey herself, Ellen Pompeo!

In Season 10, Episode 11, “The One Where the Stripper Cries,” Pompeo played “Missy Goldberg,” one of Ross and Chandler’s college crushes. They invited her to see their band, “Way/No Way” and both vied for her affection.

Well, Ross bumps into Missy again in present day, and fares no better.

Though he discovers Chandler sure did…BACK IN COLLEGE.

And thus basically ended Ellen Pompeo’s, time on Friends.

Although her appearance was brief, it was clearly enough to get her career going. Only a YEAR LATER she first graced the small screen as Dr. Meredith Grey, and took over as the reigning network queen that she still is today. 



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