Ellen Page just rocked a shirt with tiny Pokéballs on it and we’re in love

Ellen Page’s style is always on point, and always totally her.

And on Tuesday at the screening of her new movie Tallulah, she rocked one of her cutest looks yet.

Let’s talk about it

In addition to her sleek blazer, badass leather pants, and flawless, glowing skin, Ellen brought her A-game. Literally. Her shirt was in a pattern of tiny black-and-white Pokéballs.

Well played, Ms. Page. WELL PLAYED.

We’re going to be spending the rest of the day online shopping to recreate this look, while simultaneously pondering the question: how many Pokémon has she caught? And how does she find the time in between her busy shooting schedule?


Let’s just say, we’re into it, and somehow, she managed to make a huge craze look impossibly cool.

We fling this Pokéball at you in awe, Ellen!

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We’re super excited about her new movie, too, which debuts on Netflix on July 29th.

Ellen plays Tallulah, a young woman who’s struggling (as in she’s living in the back of a van and stealing room service leftovers to eat) and trying to find her boyfriend. In a temporary moment of insanity (or is it sanity?) she takes a baby from an alcoholic mother and passes it off as her own.


We love pretty much everything Ellen does (and wears!) so we’ll def be adding this to our queue. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some shopping to do.

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