Ellen Page just gave the most moving speech about LGBTQ+ equality

We love Ellen Page with the fire of a thousand suns. Obviously, we love the actress as an actress (We’re going to be solving the puzzle that is Inception forever and our tear ducts are never going to get over Juno), but we also love this woman as an IRL human. Since coming out last Valentine’s Day at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)’s Time To Thrive Conference with an incredibly moving speech, she’s been a powerfully committed advocate for LGBT equality.

She has opened up about the inspiring reason she chose to come out publicly and has spoken frankly about why she doesn’t like being called “brave” for playing LGBTQ characters such as her role in this fall’s Freeheld.  Plus we love how Page has been sharing her beautiful relationship with Samantha Thomas with the world (ALL the Instagram likes for this high school dance vibes snap of Ellen with her best girl) Awesomeness to look forward to includes her docu-show Gaycation, in which she has partnered with Vice to travel the world and investigate local attitudes about the LGBT community at each stop along the way.

So of course Ellen Page just gave the best speech about LGBT equality, being smart as hell is kind of her MO at this point. As MTV reports,  this weekend Page was awarded the Vanguard Award at the HRC’s National Dinner, and used her acceptance speech to highlight what needs to be done so that the LGBT community can live in true equality.

She starts out by sharing what a meaningful thing it is has been for her to be openly gay.

“Since Valentine’s Day of last year, I am very, very happy and I finally feel that I am truly living my life.”

She then acknowledges that, since coming out and working with Vice, she has “become even more of her privilege” and believes with all her heart that “Living an authentic life should not be something we feel we must fight for.”  She also recognizes that  “…for all the progress we have made, there are still too many people living in pain and fear.” And so, she concludes that “It has become increasingly apparent to me that we need to use our influence, whatever it may be, to help others. It’s crucial, actually.”

Page proceeds to cite a few heartbreaking stats:

“When the life expectancy of transgender women of color in this country is 35 and 40% of homeless youth are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, we still have so much work to do,” she said. “We are still far from true equality when in 31 states LGBT people can be fired or denied housing strictly because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. No longer should a child grow up feeling they have to hide who they are and suffer the consequences that come with shame.”

That said, Page is hopeful about what the future has in store.

“Because as it has been proven in 2015: love wins. …Still today, when people come out of the closet, they are making a huge impact on creating a more accepting and compassionate world, because the moment someone who does not fully understand our love, or who we are, realizes that their daughter or son is gay or a teacher they love is transgender or an athlete they admire is bisexual, they will hopefully begin to understand that we are all the same, and that all we want is to loved and be loved.”

Standing, clapping, cheering, crying. Watch all the gorgeousness below:


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