Ellen Page covered Britney Spears’ iconic song “Lucky,” and it’s a haunting and beautiful rendition

We’ve all tried our hand at performing a Britney Spears song, whether it happened in the shower or during a drunken karaoke night. And though it felt rather fab at the moment, we’re not sure how well our versions hold up against Ellen Page’s acoustic cover of “Lucky.” Yes, this actually happened, and we can’t stop OMGing at how cool it sounds.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor of a dance studio with a guitar, Page expertly covered “Lucky,” treating our ears to a beautifully pared-down version of Spears’ iconic 2000 hit song. Meanwhile, Emma Portner executed an intense improvised dance solo that perfectly accentuated the music.

On Tuesday evening, Ellen Page shared the performance with her Twitter followers. Although we already know she’s an immensely talented artist, we are super impressed with her lovely take on “Lucky.”

"I acoustically cover 'Lucky' by Britney Spears while Emma Portner improvises live," Page tweeted.

Unlike the original upbeat bubblegum pop track, Page’s laid-back, slow tempo rendition evokes so many feels that after listening, we nearly shed a few tears.


Simply gorgeous. And needless to say, the fans are feeling it as well. false

Love it! Page is the latest celeb to show the pop diva some love by way of a cover, joining Ed Sheeran, who covered “…Baby One More Time,” and slayed accordingly. Now, all we need is a mention from Brit (she has to love this), and our day will be complete.

Meanwhile, we’ll get back to replaying Page and Portner’s wonderful performance, which is the stuff of fangirl dreams.

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