Back in the day, Ellen Page auditioned to do stand-up for Conan — and killed it

We all know the fabulous Ellen Page as a talented actress with killer comedic timing. But way back when, Ellen considered trying her hand at stand-up.

According to the actress who appeared on Conan last night, she made the video with the help of Steve Agee (aka Outside Dave on New Girl) when she was 23. She was hoping to get on Conan’s show, and honestly we cannot figure out why she wasn’t immediately invited on to deliver some classic one liners.

What does Ellen have up her sleeve? Oh, you know, just the finer points of anarchy and beehive politics, and some interesting observations about the Canadian penny. All delivered into a hairbrush while standing in front of a very majestic tiger painting.

Ellen, let us know if you ever hit up an open mic night!

(Image via Youtube)


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