Ellen made a genius fake commercial for a Keurig that makes morning cocktails

A cocktail could probably make a lot of mornings better. But, uh — it’s probably wise if we didn’t partake. Upon news that Keurig was dipping its toes into the booze game, Ellen DeGeneres made a fake Keurig commercial for the Keurig Alcohol Brewing Machine that is almost perfect.

Of course, the commercial highlights the dangers of such a creation — not only would we lose an office day of work, but we’d be more tempted to look up our terrible ex on Facebook. Most of us know the fact that vodka leads to questionable choices.

While these machines definitely seem cool, it’s good to have a reminder that our productivity and decision-making might just suffer.


It’s pretty funny how things seemingly get out of control by 7:10 a.m.

Of course, since alcohol can make you exhausted, we also totally understand the part about watching Shark Tank and taking a nap, just to realize it’s already 6 PM.


These are all great things to remember once the new Keurig machine launches. Just this month, it was announced that they were partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev to make an “alcohol drink system” for the house.

The machine is set to focus on drinks of all kinds, from beers to mixed drinks. So, while it’ll probably be less expensive than hitting up a bar, it’d also be…well, a bit too easy to enjoy a margarita.

Keurig isn’t the first company to brainstorm a contraption like this, which means that there’s definitely a demand for on-the-spot mixed drinks.

The product is still in the research stage, so no release date has been announced. But we’ll definitely make sure that our DVRs are stocked with Shark Tank episodes once we find out when it is.

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