Ellen and Jimmy Fallon just had the most epic lip sync battle yet

On The Tonight Show last night, lip sync history was made. Jimmy Fallon had Ellen DeGeneres on the show, and naturally he had to invite her to lay down some awesome lip syncing, with Justin Timberlake as judge. (“I can’t wait to judge you,” he warns.) And guys, Ellen TOTALLY brought it. She brought it all.

Let’s not forget, it takes quite a bit of style to knock out the perfect lip sync. You have to strike the killer blend of earnestness and over-the-top performance. It’s an art, people.

Ellen’s picks were pure fire. Diana Ross’s “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” followed by Ri-Ri’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” — pretty difficult to top either of those. Jimmy may have brought his best, but it’s just not enough against Ellen’s skills. You need to watch this. Trust us.


(Image via Youtube)


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