Ellen gives Hilary Duff’s son the ultimate “Ghostbusters” Halloween surprise and we’re insanely jealous

If there’s one person who can make anyone’s day *that* much better, it’s definitely Ellen DeGeneres!

And in this case, that person happens to be Hilary Duff’s 4-year old son, Luca! The 29-year old singer and actress recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and chatted with the the talk show host about her son’s ~obsession~ with Ghostbusters. In fact, he plans on being a Ghostbuster for Halloween this year!

"He wants to be a Ghostbuster this year," Hilary gushed. "He's obsessed with Ghostbusters, obsessed with Slimer. He learned the whole song...it's so good. He's so serious about it, you guys."


Aww! How cute!

And because Ellen knows that Luca is such a fan of the movie franchise, she got him a little surprise that will take his Halloween costume to the next level! The 58-year old comedian gifted Duff’s son with a custom made Ecto-1 and seriously, we’re so jealous! Look how cool that thing is!

"He's going to freak out!" she said. "Do I fit in this thing? It has steam coming out of it! He's going to lose his mind."

So cool! We want one, too!

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