You HAVE to see Ellen and Heidi Klum perform as Sia and Maddie Ziegler for Halloween

Is there something that Ellen DeGeneres does that doesn’t have us in stitches? We think not!

The 58-year old talk show host always goes all out for Halloween — remember when she dressed as long time friend and Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara? Priceless!

This year, however, Ellen really took it to the next level with her spot-on Sia costume, complete with an over-sized bow, wig with long, face covering bangs, and all-black ballerina costume! DeGeneres had us cracking up with her opening monologue:

"As you can tell, I'm Sia," the comedian said. "And the problem is, I can't really see ya. I made this costume myself. I found some old loofahs backstage. It was not that hard to make. And then the bow is from I gave away a car, recently. Sia and I have a whole lot in common. She's Australian, and I married an Australian, and we both like to swing from a chandelier -- which is why I'm no longer welcome at Bed Bath & Beyond."

LOL! And we all know, where’s there’s a Sia, there’s a Maddie Ziegler. Or in this case, Heidi Klum !

The pair performed a hilarious rendition of Sia’s hit song, “Chandelier” and we can’t stop watching! Actually, Heidi’s got some pretty decent dance moves if you ask us!

We love how creative celebrities get around this time of year. Give us more of that all the time, please!