Ellen DeGeneres tried to prank Aly Raisman, and…LOL

As well as being one of our favorite funny people, Ellen DeGeneres is a pretty great prankster. Remember when she scared the bejesus out of Lea Michelle? Or when she surprised Chris Evans with a giant Iron Man? Yeah, she’s got some tricks up her sleeve.

But not all pranks can scare the pants off their victims, and recently she discovered an Olympic gymnast who has no fear.

We’re talking about Aly Raisman, one of the unstoppable Final Five.

Here’s what went down. Raisman was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres show with her parents Lynn and Rick, and it’s pretty standard that guests be subjected to a fright at some point during their appearance.

Well, DeGeneres wasted no time in quizzing the family on who is more scared when they watch Raisman compete for gold medals, and then testing them in real life by unleashing a man dressed like a coach to come and surprise them.

The whole thing was over before they knew it, but both parents were visibly shocked and jumped a little in their seat — as anyone would! However, Raisman remained utterly composed — because let’s be honest, she’s been up against some way, WAY more stressful situations this summer.

Watch the full, utterly delightful clip below.


If we needed more reason to love Aly Raisman, we got one today. Gotta love a girl who keeps her cool.