Watch Ellen DeGeneres scare the bejeezus out of Sam Smith *twice* over the span of 60 seconds

The best way to spread October cheer is making celebrities yell for all to hear. That’s why Ellen DeGeneres is the best. Have you ever wanted to watch Ellen scare Sam Smith? How about Ellen scaring Sam Smith twice?

The English singer appeared on Ellen to promote his single, but the conversation quickly turned to his experiences with the afterlife.

“I’m really in touch with this stuff,” Smith says to Ellen, smiling sheepishly. As he goes on to explain, he currently lives in a house that’s 300 years old and a former school. (I’m ready to break out the sage just from that sentence alone.) Smith claims to have a working relationship with the ghosts, but his sister isn’t so lucky; she feels like she’s being watched when she falls asleep. Smith employs a “Kindly, leave” defense that’s worked for him so far. When Ellen asks her guest why he doesn’t just move out of that house, it’s hard not to agree with her.

After the first scare, Smith lets out a shriek that was too graphic for daytime TV.

To his credit, the singer makes a pretty quick recovery. In an attempt to still come off like an expert, though, Smiht explains where he assumed the prank would come from. Clearly, that’s his fatal mistake.

Folks, you can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape Octoberween on Ellen. At this point, the long-running afternoon talk show might as well be a celebrity prank show. So, this Thanksgiving, there’s that to be thankful for. That, and Ellen scaring the bejeezus of Sam Smith. What was that curse word? The world may never know.