Ellen DeGeneres just gave this terminally ill comedian his own HBO special

Comedian Quincy Jones is diagnosed with terminal cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams of being a comedian and trying to get his own comedy special on the air. Without the money or connections, however, that can be difficult. Enter Ellen DeGeneres, professional fairy godmother who makes dreams come true.

When Quincy appeared on her show Monday afternoon, Ellen revealed something he never expected.

Turns out, Ellen had called up HBO and asked if they’d be willing to air Quincy’s special. Of course, they agreed. Then she got in contact with Shutterfly, a site for publishing, editing, and customizing photos, and they donated $15,000 to help cover the cost of making such a big production.

We’re getting all teary just thinking about how, in a single moment, Ellen DeGeneres selflessly used her resources to completely transform Quincy’s world. We can’t wait to see the special when it comes to HBO, and how Quincy’s career continues to grow with Ellen by his side.

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