Ellen DeGeneres just made history with the most People’s Choice Awards

There’s a lot of reasons to love Ellen DeGeneres. She’s pretty much a universal fave all around the country with her sunny demeanor, hilarious quips, and penchant for goofy dancing. President Barack Obama even recently awarded her a Presidential Medal of Freedom and got choked up while talking about how awesome she is. So yeah, Ellen is the best.

And now, Ellen has officially won the most People’s Choice Awards in history.

Ellen came into the award show with an already impressive 17 People’s Choice Awards, and then won three tonight — making it a whopping 20!  Her wins included, “Favorite Daytime TV Show Host,” “Favorite Comedic Collaboration” (Britney Spears’ Mall Mischief),” and “Favorite Animated Movie Voice” (Finding Dory).

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, she also won a special honorary award for winning the most awards! (In case she didn’t know how amazing we think she is!).

The honorary award was presented by good friend Justin Timberlake (see: the whole Ellen being the coolest thing). She then went on to give a characteristically funny and sweet acceptance speech.

"This is something that really means more to me [than other awards] because it comes from the people. You are the people who are responsible for me being up here," she began.

So thank you Ellen! You are our favorite, and we are incredibly proud to call you ours! You are a certifiable national treasure and we are so incredibly lucky to have you as a role model of kindness, grace, and general hilariousness.