Ellen DeGeneres sent Kris Jenner shopping at a 99-cent store, and hilarious chaos ensued

Ellen DeGeneres never fails to put together a hilarious stunt. And her most recent one, involving Kris Jenner at a 99-cent store, is no exception. With the help of a hidden camera crew, DeGeneres sent Jenner to a 99-cent store in Burbank, California, where she proceeded to give her instructions on what to say and do through an earpiece. Jenner was required to repeat everything DeGeneres said, which was, of course, absurd.

This video from Ellen’s Show Me More Show on YouTube comes just a few days after DeGeneres scared Sam Smith with not one, but two pranks in honor of Halloween. Messing with celebrities is one of her greatest gifts, and we live for her tricks. (She even released a compilation of her favorite moments of scaring guests.)

During the stunt, Ellen sits comfortably in her chair in her TV studio, which was filled with a giggling audience. She directs Jenner around the store and through an interaction with the cashier. She kicks things off by having Jenner announce, “Hi, I’m Kris Jenner, I’m a big celebrity!” before inquiring about the price of a coconut, scoffing at the $1 price tag in a store that boasts $0.99 prices.

As Jenner continues to go through the contents of a cart pre-filled with items by DeGeneres, she reaches a pack of razors. At this point, DeGeneres tells her to lean in to tell the cashier a secret.

“I shave my back, Jenner says, as the crowd back in Los Angeles erupts into fits of laughter. “I’ll take these, I need them.

The antics continue as she makes her way through the cart and finds a tiny toy guitar and aluminum wrapping. DeGeneres tells Jenner to say that they’re presents for her son-in-law, Kanye West.

“Because he’s a rapper, get it? Jenner is instructed to say, before devolving into maniacal laughter.

Too. Funny. Watch their whole stunt below:


Eventually, Jenner does come clean, on cue from Ellen. The host tells Jenner to ask the cashier if she wants to be on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. When she responds yes, Jenner continues, asking if she would ever want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before making the big reveal. Ellen’s antics strike again!

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