Kate McKinnon’s Ellen DeGeneres impression is officially our favorite thing ever

In this life, the only thing better than one Ellen DeGeneres is two Ellen DeGeneres’.Amazingly, this doesn’t even have to be a beautiful dream, because Kate McKinnon is easily our Second Ellen. The SNL funny lady and future Lady Ghostbuster stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to not only chat it up with the host, but also do a pretty impressive spot on impression of her.


McKinnon not only crashes the monologue — with a lot of, “I’m Ellen!” and “Kitty Kitty Kitty Cat” jokes — but then goes on to tell a hilarious story about hanging out with Ellen’s real-life wife, Portia, and their menagerie of animals. It’s funny, because it’s totally a story that Ellen has told before.

And now, just a quick second to really appreciate whoever dressed McKinnon and Ellen in perfect matching outfits. If Ellen ever needs a day off, or retires (never), McKinnon needs to step in… but continue to do her Ellen impression the entire time.

The full episode airs later today, including a game of “Heads Up.” But if you’re in the mood for some mid-day cheer right now, look no further than these two ladies dancing it out below.

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