Ellen DeGeneres just got the best birthday gift from Justin Timberlake

Someone needs to break out the birthday cake! Our favorite talk show host Ellen DeGeneres turned 60 today, and in order to help her celebrate, Justin Timberlake gave her quite the gift. But unfortunately, he couldn’t give it to her in person — he’s currently a little busy working on his Super Bowl halftime performance and getting ready to tour his brand new album, Man of the Woods, which will be out on February 2nd. “I have to make sure we are great,” Timberlake said, apologizing for his absence.

Since DeGeneres has been in the business for quite some time, surely she understood why her buddy couldn’t be there. Even though he didn’t give the birthday girl any further clues on who might show up during his halftime show (aside from the Tennessee Kids, who are the singers and dancers he’s been performing with for some time) he did say that the event was going to “be a spectacular spectacular,” which makes us even more excited. Especially since this is the third time he’ll be playing a halftime show — the first being with NSYNC in 2001, and the second when he started his solo career and made history with Janet Jackson.

But aside from chatting about the big game, Timberlake wanted to make sure DeGeneres had a nice birthday.


First, he made sure that she got a big bouquet of pink flowers — since she is, after all, his “other girl.”


And then he made sure to sing a gorgeous rendition of “Happy Birthday,” with the help of the Tennessee Kids and the audience. As you can tell, the special song meant a lot to DeGeneres.


We want Ellen DeGeneres to have a fabulous 60th year. We hope her house will be lined with even more bouquets from loved ones happy to celebrate her milestone birthday.