Ellen DeGeneres just expertly parodied Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” for a great cause

The old Ellen can’t come to the phone right now. If you thought the world was done making “Look What You Made Me Do” jokes, think again. Because Ellen DeGeneres just hilariously parodied Taylor Swift’s music video, and it’s so good.

DeGeneres loves to rag on Swift because they’re friends, and that’s what friends do. Remember when Ellen scared Taylor in the bathroom and Taylor fell to the ground she was so afraid? Yeah, that’s what friends do.

Now, Ellen is taking her trolling to a whole other level.

The TV host created a video parody of two scenes from Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video: the diamond-filled bathtub and the various versions of Taylor. And it’s as amazing as you might think. (We wish DeGeneres had gotten a head-to-toe zombie transformation of her own, though.)

Turns out Ellen had some pretty key roles in the now “deleted scenes” of the video.

First, DeGeneres joins Swift in that glittering bathtub full of diamonds.

In addition, Ellen also bites the jewels and plays footsie with an angry red-lipped Taylor. And we’ve also solved the greatest “LWYMMD” mystery of all: Who was calling the Old Taylor on the phone?

Of course it was Ellen.

"Somebody's got a little attitude today, huh?" DeGeneres asks when she's told that the Old Taylor is dead.

The video also features Ellen’s own personal old versions of herself, which she kindly brought in front of her own private plane.

Scribbled on the jet in graffiti is Ellen’s motto: “Be kind to one another.” (Is that a hint to Taylor and her endless feuds?) Ellen’s lineup includes Trixie Ellen, Karla Kardashian, Tipsy Ellen, Cowboy Ellen, Glamorous Ellen, and Magic Michelle Ellen.

The “deleted scenes” start around the 1:15 mark.


But Degeneres’ jokes are all in good fun.

In fact, they’re for a great cause: hurricane relief.

Even better than the actual video is why DeGeneres did it. She used the spot to encourage the 425 million people who watched Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video to donate $1 each to hurricane relief. The relief fund she highlighted is called Hand in Hand 2017, and is managed by Comic Relief USA. You can donate to help hurricane victims on their website.

"I want to get as many views as Taylor, so we're going to sit here and watch that video 425 million more times," Ellen joked with her studio audience.


Ask and you shall receive, Ellen!

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