Ellen DeGeneres is desperately trying to get Beyoncé to follow her on Instagram

Sometimes after following celebrities on social media, we peek and see who they’re following. Ellen DeGeneres realized Beyoncé was following nobody on Instagram and wants to make a change to that. So much so, that she started her own campaign.

DeGeneres has a ton of followers already — around 50 million to be exact — and while she surely loves every one of them, she really wants Beyoncé to make the list. This kind of reminds us of when Conan O’Brien joined Twitter back in 2010 and just chose one person to follow — a fan named Sarah Killen. Seven years later, and O’Brien’s follow number is still at one.

We have a feeling Beyoncé could honor someone with that same cred. And really, it should be DeGeneres.

DeGeneres started her campaign by getting the audience over at The Ellen DeGeneres Show dancing to Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies.”

"I spend so much time on Instagram that I noticed something interesting...she has over 100 million followers...she follows zero people," DeGeneres said on Thursday's episode of her show. "Zero!"

According to DeGeneres herself, more fun videos will come if Queen Bey decides to let her guard down and start a wonderful social media friendship with the host. Along with the sing-along, she posted a Beyoncé-style collage video to show the star that they’ve got a lot in common.

While it seems like an easy task to accomplish, keep in mind that the singer doesn’t even follow her family members. So, obviously, she’s staying at zero for a reason. We just don’t know what that reason is.

While we respect the singer’s social media choices, it’d make our hearts soar if she decided to make DeGeneres her very first followed account.

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