Ellen DeGeneres honored Carrie Fisher with the sweetest tribute on her show

Carrie Fisher’s passing was a sad way to end 2016. And her friends and peers continue to remember the icon by sharing their stories and memories.

And now Ellen DeGeneres honored Carrie Fisher on her show with this wonderful video tribute to her friend.

Carrie was a frequent guest on Ellen. In fact, she was just on the show in early December, not long before she died. Ellen pieced together some of her favorite moments of the star. It includes hilarious advice and some LOL-worthy moments. Watching it all together is such a reminder of what a unique and wonderful woman Fisher really was.

During the video, Ellen shows a fun moment where Carrie was talking about her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds, of course, passed the day after Fisher. And seeing Fisher playfully talk about her loving mother brings up all sorts of bittersweet emotions.

Before the video, Ellen takes a moment to say a heartfelt tribute to her late friend.

Ellen said, "She was smart. She was funny. She was hilariously honest about herself and the world around her.

While the video is obviously emotional given the context, it’s also really funny. And while there are plenty of reasons to be sad about her passing, it’s clear she lived an amazing and influential life. So much of her work and humor is still with us today.

Afterwards, Ellen added, "I miss you, Carrie. I love ya."

Based on the simple hilariousness of her clips, it’s clear Carrie would have wanted us to continue to laugh. She was great about finding surprising and delightful ways of putting a smile on our faces. And Ellen’s touching video tribute is a great reminder of that.