Ellen DeGeneres gave this 12-year-old boy who loves makeup the most perfect present

When you see the words “Ellen DeGeneres” and “gave” in a headline, you know to make sure tissues are nearby before you read any further.

This time the tears are flowing freely because Ellen gave a 12-year-old boy who loves make-up an incredible gift and a heck of a pep talk.

We’re 100 percent convinced this woman is an angel on earth and a shining example of how to let a kid express who they truly are.

On Monday’s Ellen Show, Little Big Shots star, Reuben de Maid sang “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” from Dream Girls. He was captivating and totally won over our hearts.

But our hearts had no idea what was coming when Reuben headed over to the couch for his interview. At first, Ellen and Reuben discussed his amazing singing voice. Then Ellen prompted, “But there’s something else you love as much as singing, what is that?” The 12-year-old cutie enthusiastically answered, “Makeup!” Ellen found out that he became to a talented little makeup artist by simply watching all sorts of tutorials and videos.

This boy is super impressive.

When Ellen asked how the kids as school handled seeing him in makeup, the Wales native gave a surprisingly adult and elevated synopsis of the bullying he’d experienced.

He candidly told Ellen,“In my drama group, I used to get hit, punched and kicked.

Then this full blown badass recounted how he dealt with it. He said that he put up with it for two months, then finally he told his mom, told the kids off, and transferred to a better school.

He continued, “I tried to brush it off, but brushing it off just doesn’t work. So I stood up to them.

Ellen rightfully praised de Maid for being who he is.

She asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, he confessed “love to be, like, a Kardashian,” with a show business empire of his own. He said he wanted to be onstage, and also wanted to have his own makeup brand.

As with every “overcoming adversity” story on Ellen, the generous talk show host ended the interview by surprising Reuben with his very own makeup tutorial station, laptop, and lighting kit to create a smash hit Youtube channel. Reuben squealed with joy, which harmonized nicely with our sobs of happiness.

As the lyrics to Reuben’s song predicted: “You’re gonna love me.”  And we sure do, Reuben. We sure do.

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