Ellen just sent Eric Stonestreet to a haunted house. Hilarity ensued.

Whether she’s hiding behind bathroom doors to spook Taylor Swift, or eliciting a very emotional response from Kristen Bell at the mere suggestion of a sloth, Ellen Degeneres is modern TV’s most notorious prankster. The beloved actress and comedian is queen of the playful scare; and if MTV were to ever resurrect Punk’d, our vote would go to Ellen as host. (Sorry, Ashton.)

It’s unsurprising, then, that Halloween would prove an excellent excuse for the jokester to take things up a notch. As a yearly tradition, Degeneres sends her (easily scared and very jumpy) executive producer, Andy Lassner, to a haunted house — and this year, she decided to send Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet along with him. The resulting video has us cackling at our desks.

From the start, it’s obvious that neither Lassner nor Stonestreet are very fond of haunted houses. This one, in particular, seems to have an abundance of twisted serial killers and brain-hungry zombies, all very dedicated to scaring the s–t out of the duo. Both Lassner and Stonestreet seem to be good sports, even if they were none too pleased to be there. Lassner’s responses were mostly bleeped out into oblivion, while Stonestreet reacted to everything with terrified screams and ad-libbed jokes.

“How long have you been in Hollywood?” he asks one of the first people to jump out at them.

“I will keep you from getting your SAG card!” he screams at a hoard of zombies towards the end.

The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible, and perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit — even if you’re a scaredy cat like me. Spoiler alert: It turns out you probably wouldn’t want to be stuck with Stonestreet during a zombie apocalypse, because he will definitely sacrifice you to the walkers. But we still love him anyway.

Check out the hilarious video for yourself below!

(Image via video.)

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