Ellen Degeneres just launched her lifestyle brand, and we want everything

Last month, Ellen Degeneres — comedian, actress, TV host, and dancing queen of our hearts — officially announced the launch of her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen. Available online starting today (!!!), the collection features home goods, accessories, and an entire women’s clothing line — and it looks just as amazing as you’d expect.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the line is evenly split between housewares (starting at $25) and clothing (starting at $45). Along with a full women’s collection, the brand also includes tote bags, jewelry, and a GapKids x ED collaboration. Given how impeccable Degeneres’ sense of style is, we’re probably most excited to get our hands on the clothes — and after hearing what she had to say about them, we love them all the more.

“I think dressing every day is a way of expressing yourself. You can almost see someone’s personality with what they wear,” Degeneres told Refinery29. “And, I’ve never found women’s clothes that I felt completely comfortable in, the way they were cut. I didn’t want to wear men’s clothes, and if I did like something. . . I would always have to alter it to fit me.”

“We started making my own clothes on the show and noticing that a lot of people who were coming to the show were trying to dress like me, but those clothes weren’t out there,” she continued. “I mean, I have a very distinct way of dressing, and clearly other people are responding to it, so that was the impetus to launch the brand. So, there’s a line that’s out there that’s not extremely feminine, it’s not masculine, it’s just comfortable.”

That’s something we can totally get behind, and the rest of the collection is well worth a perusal. As a fan of all things menswear-inspired myself, I’m totally stoked for some clothes that might actually fit me while still appealing to my aesthetic sensibilities. There’s definitely a gap in the industry when it comes to “in-between” styles, and we’re glad to see Degeneres is taking matters into her own hands in such a badass way.

“I don’t like extreme, feminine things. And, I don’t like masculine things. . . So, I think it’s blending both of those things to be sort of non-gender-specific, just cool and classic,” she told Refinery29. “’Cause I don’t think blue is for boys and pink is for girls. . . We’re learning so much about gender and sexuality and fluidity, and I think that should blend and bleed into the fashion world.”

By creating a line that challenges our rigid definitions of gender, Degeneres is actually helping to further our conversation about it, as well. And we think it’s awesome that she’s tackling it in such an accessible way. Everyone has to wear clothes (unless you’re a nudist, I guess — in which case, you do you), so why not wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable? Your gender or sexuality shouldn’t be what defines your wardrobe: You should just be able to wear what you want. And Degeneres is helping to make more options available.

The message behind the brand is also something much bigger than just style and clothing — and the collection’s beauty is most definitely in the details. Perhaps most notably, the word “love” will be embroidered in red on either the inside lining or under the lapel of every jacket. (Which means it’s mostly hidden away — only you know it’s there!)

“I say ‘be kind to one another’ at the end of every show,” she told Women’s Wear Daily. “I think whether someone really is taking it in or not, subliminally, it somehow goes out there. And I think that we put on clothes every single day to express ourselves and I just want people to be able to express themselves in a very stylish yet comfortable and unique way. And whether they know it or not, they’re expressing love.”

“You know, just being a human being, you evolve into who you are,” she continued to Refinery29. “You find out what you like and what you don’t like, and if we’re brave enough, we actually follow a path that no one has created. We find our own way instead of just going along with what society presents us. It’s the same with clothing.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. You can check out ED by Ellen right here! (Personally, I’m coveting this drape-y striped tee and bunny tote bag.)

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(Images via WWD, ED by Ellen.)