Ellen DeGeneres just released a compilation of her scaring unsuspecting celebrity guests

In honor of Halloween, Ellen DeGeneres released a video her scaring basically every celebrity ever. Before we even watched, we took a second to think about just how many celebrities we’ve seen Ellen DeGeneres scare recently, and realized that we’ve been waiting for this mashup video our whole lives. Really.

We didn’t know it, but everything has been building to this — this masterpiece of celebrities shrieking and screaming and running away. We might be too terrified to actually go to a haunted house and get scared in person, but like, we’re totally here to watch a bunch of generally very poised, beautiful people lose their minds over jump scares and mirror gags, TBH.

Check out Ellen DeGeneres’ spooktacular mashup of famous people screaming below.

Definitely worth the watch.


Our favorite might be Dennis Quaid screaming at the giant mouse about thirty seconds in — just sayin’.

Quaid is closely followed by Eric Stonestreet, aka Cam from Modern Family, in our esteem. At about a minute thirty, he clearly sees the scare coming and is ready to TAKE. IT. DOWN.

Honestly, we’d feel a liiiiiittle bad for everybody getting the bejeezus scared out of them when they’re just trying to have a nice little chat about their latest movie, album, or television show… But we all know what to expect from Ellen, at this point. We’ve been watching her do this for years.

Or maybe, we’re just trying to justify Ellen scaring these people to death because it’s so ridiculously fun to watch. Do we really have to answer that?

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