Ellen DeGeneres addressed the Las Vegas shooting with a montage of people doing good in the world

Yesterday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas was horrifying and tragic, but when violent events like this happen, it’s always important to remember that the world is not just a scary place. Ellen DeGeneres addressed the Las Vegas shooting by focusing on the fact that there’s still so much good in the world, and it was the reminder we needed. We can always count on DeGeneres for an uplifting boost.

Yesterday’s shooting took place during a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s being reported by ABC News that a single gunman left 59 people dead and 527 injured, in the deadliest attack in United States history. In light of all the innocent lives lost or forever changed, it’s tough to think positively.

But DeGeneres found a way to make it possible. While addressing the attack, DeGeneres reminded us that she has the opportunity to work alongside smart, kind people on a daily basis.


DeGeneres opened up by saying that while this episode would be aired Tuesday, it was filmed on Monday — the day when everything unraveled.

"I am hoping we can fill this room with love and prayers and hope, that's what I want right now," she said to her supportive audience.

To lift up spirits, she showed a montage of inspirational, life-changing people, from a bus driver who saved twenty children after the bus caught on fire, to Kirby Mackenzie, who wants to give everyone the chance to read.

And the best news ever? These are only some of the inspirational people that DeGeneres has met throughout the years. There’s so many more.

While it’s hard to process the Las Vegas shooting and make sense of why it even happened, just remember — kindness still exists, and it’s an incredible thing.