Ellen sits down with the boys behind “Damn Daniel”

There’s no one reason the “Damn Daniel” meme has taken the Internet by storm. Some say it’s the Vans, other says it’s the voice, and others say it’s a combination of all these things that make it so funny and weirdly uplifting. “Funny” and “weirdly uplifting” are Ellen’s favorite words, so she had the boys behind the viral video stop by on Tuesday to chat about their success.

The video features Daniel, of course, a high school freshman, as well as the voice of Josh, a sophomore who was the brains behind the camera. The two explained to Ellen that the videos started as a random joke on Snapchat that more and more people started loving.

They started filming the little clips every day during 6th period, cobbling them together into the amazing video we can’t stop watching.

Neither can Ellen, so she gifted each of the stars something pretty special. Josh, who loves to surf, received a “Damn Daniel” surfboard, and Daniel himself was given a lifetime supply of Vans, the iconic shoes that started it all.

I mean, I think there’s only one thing left to say: daaaaaaamn, Daniel!