Elle King just opened up about battling PTSD and depression

It’s important to remember that just because our favorite stars are in the spotlight, they’re still susceptible to facing issues with mental health. Through Instagram, singer Elle King opened up about depression and PTSD, both of which she suffers from, and her honest words on the topic are inspiring.

King, known best for her song “Ex’s and Oh’s,” discussed her ongoing struggles through her social media. She posted a Boomerang, along with a lengthy caption, right after meeting with her doctor, and having a strong revelation about her life. She also figured out what having PTSD and depression specifically felt like for her — and it’s something a lot of sufferers may be able to relate to.


King described the feeling as something similar to being on acid.

"I realized that when I've been in an altered state I HAVE had weird moments and scary thoughts," she wrote. "But I snap out of it through the clarity and ease of the fact that A. everything is going to be ok. 2. Dude you're on f-cking acid man."

 Of course, she ended the caption with healthy ways to cope.

"In those times all I had to do was refocus and take back control of MY OWN MIND," King said. "Today, if presented with two options, I will CHOOSE the one that is most beneficial and happy for me right then and there. I'll make some healthy choices. Today I'll drink water and say something nice about myself. I brushed my teeth sooosososo good too. I might even hug myself. But I'm definitely going to love myself.

In another post, King credited her fans for her willingness to be open about her struggles.

In King’s words, her fans reaching out to her with stories and experiences, noting that “it’s deeper than someone just saying that they feel connected to my music through joy or through pain.”

We applaud Elle King’s willingness to discuss these very real, very important issues — and we wish her the best throughout her recovery!

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