Elle Fanning’s stunning Cannes dress doubled as her prom dress

When Elle Fanning stepped onto the red carpet at Cannes, we didn’t think she’d be able to outdo herself. After all, how could you top a fancy peacock look? Yet, Elle proved us wrong when she made another grand entrance in a gown embroidered with pink and green flowers fit for a fairy tale princess… and a Prom Queen.


Not one to waste a fashion moment, Elle Fanning kept her dress on for another special occasion: Prom – well, sort of. Since Elle was making her mark at Cannes, she was unfortunately unable to attend her school’s senior prom. Rather than let this momentous occasion go by unnoticed, Fanning decided to make the best of the situation and bring prom to her.


To make this happen, Elle’s best friend Cass flew to meet her so she could have her very own Cannes-themed prom (literally). Clad in a tuxedo and blossoming boutonniere, Cass took the time to pose for prom pictures with Elle on a hotel staircase. As for Fanning, she kept it real in her Zuhair Murad gown, but added a bouquet to her ensemble.

Together, the pair look like the definition of #PromGoals. They’re posing in typical prom fashion and they both look super happy. Let’s be honest: Elle’s smile is contagious and we have a feeling that her version of prom was just as memorable as the real thing.

Ultimately, we not only admire Elle’s fashion sense – we’re also inspired by her dedication to making the most of every moment.

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