Elle Fanning teaches us ballet in this super impressive video

Celebrities typically have multiple talents. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Elle Fanning is a great ballet dancer. The actress decided to show off her skills for a Vanity Fair “Secret Talent Theatre” segment, and we’re so glad that she did.

During Fanning’s presentation, she teaches viewers how to do a piqué turn. Of course, she makes it look super easy.

Fanning is also a pretty skilled teacher. Not only does she give off a truly approachable vibe, but she makes sure to go over the small stuff — like, how important it is to lengthen your neck, and the true function of a bun.


So, are we all ballet pros after watching this video? Well, not exactly — especially since we don’t actually have a pair of ballet shoes handy. (Sadly, the piqué turn looks a lot less graceful in Sketchers.)

But! We’re now extremely well-versed with the basics. And the second we get serious about ballet, since it truly is a gorgeous form of dance, we’ll make sure to queue up Elle Fanning’s lesson once more.

Fanning (who is only 18, by the way) has a lot on her plate during the years ahead. This year alone, you can expect to see her in the title role of Mary Shelley. We’re also waiting for an official release date for her musical comedy film How to Talk to Girls at Parties, where she stars alongside Nicole Kidman. Both are destined to be incredible.

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