Elle Fanning’s casual airport suit is the pale pink definition of delicacy

Elle Fanning may only be 18-years-old, but she is fast becoming our #1 style icon.

The latest evidence? An incredible pastel pink suit, which she wore on a flight and while walking through LAX this week.


You guys, how is it that she can be shoeless and still look absolutely perfect? One of great mysteries of the world.

Her outfit is ideal for traveling, if you think about it. You’ve got an oversized jacket to keep you warm if the plane gets chilly, or you can roll it up and use it as a pillow if you’re feeling warm but sleepy. And those loose trousers look comfortable enough to sit around in for a few hours, but also chic enough to leave you feeling confident when you step off the plane.


Want to slip into a cute, casual suit of your very own? Read on for our favorite picks from ASOS.

ASOS “Lux Pyjama Suit with Piping Detail”


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ASOS “Slim Tailored Crepe Suit in Rose Pink”


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ASOS TALL “Bomber Jacket and Trouser Co-ord”


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ASOS “Premium Satin Culotte Suit Trouser and Relaxed Soft Satin Blazer”


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ASOS WHITE “Textured Check Top and Pull-On Trousers”


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ASOS “Soft Lux Longline Suit”


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ASOS “Relaxed Workwear Suit”


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Perhaps you’re our next style icon…

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