Elle Fanning was transformed into a rose garden on the cover of “Vogue”

Ah, spring. The time for flowers to bloom and for our hearts to grow as the sun smiles sweetly. One thing we can always count on in spring is a Vogue cover that reflects the reason for the season. And although florals may not be groundbreaking, we’re pretty in love with Vogue magazine’s June cover, which features Elle Fanning covered in roses. We’re actually not sure where the flowers start and where she does.

When all is said and done, Elle’s blooming all around and we’re in love. This is Elle’s first Vogue cover, and in our opinion, it’s one of the most magical yet.

On the cover, Elle is adorned with a crown of baby pink roses that surround her like a halo. To complete the look, she’s wearing a Valentino haute couture dress in the same shade with silken rosettes that imitate those found in her hair. In her feature, we learn more about the enchanting Elle, like the fact that she doesn’t tweet and doesn’t learn her lines until the day before while in the tub.

The actress is an anomaly, both caught in the public eye and in her own world. She seems to be surrounded by a glamour, and her cover captures this magical essence.

Elle’s cover looks like the woodland fantasy we daydream about in the summer months; both surreal and simple, but of course with a completely ethereal twist. The cover was shot on the southern gothic set where Elle’s latest film The Beguiled takes place. If the Sofia Coppola-directed film is as fantastical as this shoot, then we’re in for a treat!

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