You have to see this first look at Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst in their new movie

Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst star alongside a fantastic cast in their new southern gothic film The Beguiled. The first teaser has finally been released, and it looks both stunning and horrifying. Those all-girl boarding schools in the South were apparently not for the faint of heart.

Helmed by writer/director extraordinaire Sophia Coppola, the seductive thriller is based on the Thomas P. Cullinan novel A Painted Devil and the 1971 film adaption starring Clint Eastwood. The film explores the theme of isolated young women in a women’s boarding school in 1846 Virginia at the height of the Civil War.

It has a Little Women vibe, but like, way more disturbing.

Colin Farrell takes over Eastwood’s role as he is nursed backed to health after being discovered on the school’s property. Farrell’s character becomes the center of an intense infatuation by the women living at the school, including headmistress Miss Martha Farnsworth (Nicole Kidman), teacher Edwina (Dunst), and student Alicia (Fanning).

Even amidst the war happening outside their doors, the school remains more or less untouched — until the wounded soldier shows up, that is.

And since it’s a Coppola film, something is sure to go terribly wrong. And it does.

Fanning posted a photo from the film to Instagram, and knowing the storyline, it’s super creepy (even not knowing the storyline, it’s still on the creepy side).

“Get ready for “The Beguiled” #firstlook @beguiledmovie,” she wrote.

And because the photo just doesn’t fully suck you into their intense world, check out the teaser trailer:

The Beguiled will hit theaters on June 23rd.