Elle Fanning preparing a flower arrangement at a horse sanctuary is as adorable as it sounds and then some

You guys, we all know that Elle Fanning is a Disney Princess IRL. Like, of COURSE she was cast to play live-action Sleeping Beauty, of COURSE she was, just look at that cherub face!

So it comes as no surprise that recently visited wild horse sanctuary Return to Freedom in Lompoc, California to spend time with the wild horses and snap some pics.

We are also very much feeling this shot of Elle petting one of the wild horses. The windswept hair, the color in her cheeks, it’s all giving us serious Merida vibes. Okay, so maybe Elle is an IRL Disney-SLASH-Pixar princess.



We are DED over the above photo. The magic hour lighting! The low-key glamour of her embroidered maxi-dress! Elle just chilling mere inches from wild horses like it’s NBD, like all this is NBD, and maybe it is when you’re basically an IRL Disney Princess.

Elle also posted a few snaps on her Instagram in an equally low-key glam maxi-dress (and a wide-brimmed hat that we all need on the top shelf of our closets stat. In the shot below, Elle is helping out with a flower arrangement.

Um, we hope that they saved some of the blooms to braid through a wild pony’s hair because princess shenanigans, you guys, princess shenanigans.

And ta-da! Flower arrangement! Vases are fine and good, but we are madly in love with the idea of making a flower bowl as a centerpiece and then looking out the window and seeing wild horses run by.

Of course, it isn’t all pretty flowers and romantic lighting on the wild horse preserve.

Elle also engaged in the rather unenviable task of shoveling horse manure (and she did it barefoot and in a white dress, choices we can’t help but question).

Still, it seems that if ANYONE can look ethereal and magical while shoveling manure, it’s Elle (that fluttering breeze helps add a smidge of glamour to the otherwise pretty gross chore).

Here’s Elle with her gang that congregated in Central California to hang with the horses. Third costume change of the trip, here’s our girl in a backwards baseball cap and tee (which feels like the outfit we would all be wearing to shovel manure.

It appears the gang was here for a photo shoot, and we very much look forward to seeing what visual magic Elle and her team have cooked up for us because TBH these behind the scenes photos have already knocked our socks off. IRL Disney Princess FTW!

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