Elle Fanning is a mini Brigitte Bardot with her new bangs

Elle Fanning is one of those stars who have a ~look~. Like her older sister, Fanning is instantly recognizable with her Snow White complexion, and long, flowing, middle-part, golden blonde locks. However, last night she switched it all up. While attending the InStyle Awards, Fanning debuted brand new bangs, giving us total Brigitte Bardot vibes.

When asked about her Marilyn Monroe-inspired Versace gown, Fanning told People that her new look is “a Barbie vibe and a little Brigitte Bardot.”

Fanning was afraid that the hair and dress was a huge departure from her normal aesthetic and jokingly told reporters, “I was like, ‘Oh my God, is this okay? Is this okay?’ But I’m like, ‘You know what? Let’s go for it.’”



For reference, here’s the legendary Brigitte Bardot, the inspiration behind Fanning’s new fringe.



Yas kween! Channel your vintage icons!

Fanning’s hairstylist Jenda posted photos of the hair with the caption, “channeling her inner Barbie + Bardot + 90’s Shiffer tonight for #InStyle awards.”

This is Fanning’s usual lewk. Very sleek, very simple. When it comes to her cut, Fanning is rarely one to rock a trend or a fad. Her hair has always been very classic.

However, she HAS experimented with a couple colors. She recently went dark chestnut brown (and looked like a new woman) and last year she rocked Millennial pink, or dusty rose, or whatever you want to call it.

Whatever the look, whatever hair icon she’s channeling, Fanning always looks FLAW FREE. Standby while we try to figure out whether those bangs are faux or for real.