Elizabeth Olsen is completely unrecognizable on her latest magazine cover for this reason

We know Elizabeth Olsen for her excellent acting talents in movies like Martha Marcy May Marlene and the Avengers films, as well as for her super famous sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Olsen has a pretty unique and recognizeable face, probably due to her Olsen genes, but lay your eyes upon the following images because you will absolutely scratch your head while thinking, “Literally who is this person?”

Olsen covered Hunger magazine looking like someone else entirely.

Here is Olsen on the cover of Glamour México, looking like her usual self:


And here she is on Hunger magazine, leaving us to wonder what blessed makeup artist is responsible for this transformation:




The reason for this transformation is that the magazine was inspired by director Alfred Hitchcock, specifically, his 1963 film The Birds.

In the interview (exceprted via Just Jared), Olsen talks about the pressure to star in an international blockbuster like The Avengers films.

“I think the thing to constantly think about when you’re filming [The Avengers] — because sometimes it’s odd tedious work when you’re having to do the most dramatic line of your life and you’ve been in a trailer for three hours — is to remember that more people are going to see you in this movie than they’ll see of any of your other projects, so you have to remind yourself to do a great acting job, which can add pressure,” she revealed to Hunger.

“But other than that it’s one of the coolest experiences in the world to be part of a film that is internationally seen. We’re in a world where no one can agree on anything else besides ‘let’s go and see this movie.’ That to me is pretty cool. I was watching Indiana Jones on a plane ride the other day and I think, like that, Avengers will just live on.”

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