No Big Deal, but Elizabeth Olsen Just Casually Announced She’s Married

But that's kind of all we're getting out of her for now.

During her interview with Kaley Cuoco for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Elizabeth Olsen came out of the gate swinging with new information about her private life—and she probably didn’t even realize how much information she gave away. Olsen let it slip that she and her longtime partner Robbie Arnett are married (!!!) in the most casual of ways.

“First of all, you’re in a bathroom. I think we need to let everyone know,” Cuoco began the conversation, to which Olsen explained, “I’m in a bathroom. I’ve been in the U.K. for seven months, and I got back two days ago, and my neighbor is doing so much construction to their backyard. I can still hear it, and I’m in the furthest bathroom.”

The WandaVision star then noticed a detail in the background of her own set: “I also just noticed that my husband put Little Miss Magic…You know, the Little Miss books? They’re these classic books but ‘magic’ because of WandaVision because he’s such a fucking cutie!”

I love that he set designed for you today, Cuoco joked. He did a lot…is there craft service, too? What else is he doing?! Olsen replied, Oh, God no. I made him breakfast.

Olsen and Arnett have been engaged since 2019. The pair first sparked dating rumors back in 2017, however they’ve kept their coupledom very, very private. In fact, they’ve only made a handful of public appearances together since they began dating four years ago.

Obviously, they’ve chosen to live their lives out of the public eye, and we definitely can’t blame them for wanting to do that. Olsen didn’t share any other details with Cuoco other than the fact that Arnett is her “husband,” so all we can do is give them a (belated) congratulations.

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