No One Had More Fun at the MTV Awards Than Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn

Can the 'WandaVision' co-stars show up to every award show going forward, please?

Last Night, May 16th, WandaVision took home four out of the five awards it was nominated for at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards. The Disney+ series won Best Show, Best Performance in a Show for lead Elizabeth Olsen, Best Villain for Kathryn Hahn, and Best Fight, which was accepted by Olsen and Hahn, and, TBH, their acceptance speech should have won an award too.

[Winning Best Fight] is very ironic to me, Hahn said at the podium. Why is it ironic to you, Kathryn? Olsen asked. Because I love you so much, Lizzy Olsen, Hahn said, to which Olsen replied, And we should have won…Best Kiss?

And the crowd went wild. Hahn and Olsen didn’t kiss, but instead went on to thank their stunt doubles, CC Ice, Jenny White, and Whitney Coleman, who helped them take home the Best Fight award. Otherwise, the fight scenes in WandaVision would have looked a little something like this:

The dynamic duo returned to the podium to accept Best Show, during which Olsen quoted Des’ree’s 1994 song “You Gotta Be,” because why the heck not?

The internet, who collectively stans both Olsen and Hahn, couldn’t get enough of them being completely iconic all night. So, naturally, Twitter turned into a Olsen-Hahn fan forum (as it should have).

Is it bad that we don’t want to watch any other movie or TV show if it doesn’t co-star these two? After seeing how incredible they are together, every other piece of media that doesn’t include them kind of loses its luster, you know?

Please don’t bother us as we scroll through the endless feed of reaction tweets to Olsen and Hahn being best friends for the rest of the day.

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