Thoughts we had upon learning Elizabeth Banks is hosting ‘SNL’

Are you one of the many Americans out there who was like, “what do you meaaaaaan Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live on November 7th?” Don’t worry, the SNL gods must have heard our prayers, and they’re totally making it up to us. The following week, on November 14th, the one and only Elizabeth Banks will grace Studio 8H stage and this is AMAZING.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Disclosure also happened to mention that they’re bringing some friends along, too.

Real, not real? Doesn’t even matter right now because this is the stuff SNL dreams are made of. Why?

1. Because Elizabeth Banks can do no wrong

It’s impossible to name something that Banks has appeared in and not love it. Try it. You can’t.

2. She can totally stretch her acting/writing/directing muscles for SNL.

Have you guys even seen Pitch Perfect? Not just the first one, but the second one, too. Banks directed that one like a total boss. It taught us that her talent has no bounds.

3. Maybe she can finally win an Emmy

You might associate Banks and movies, but Banks has actually appeared all over our TV, too. She’s been nominated for three Emmys so far — one for 30 Rock, two for Modern Family – and it’s about time she won one to start on her future EGOT.

4. We might get a Wet Hot American Summer sketch!!

Remember binging WHAS this summer? That was awesome. And I’m going to admit that my favorite backstory was actual Bank’s Lindsay, because I thought it was hilarious every time she just happened to pull a typewriter out of thin air. SNL could totally do the show justice.

5. Think of all the friends she can bring along

If Disclosure is bringing guests, Banks needs to bring guests. Just a few suggestions: anyone from Pitch Perfect (cough*Rebel Wilson*cough), any of the stars from Hunger Games (opening the following weekend), anyone from WHAS. Just some suggestions.

6. Banks was in the Lego Movie

How can we forget about the Lego Movie?! The best movie about Legos EVER MADE. All we’re really remembering about Banks on SNL is that she’s a fabulous human being with endless talent and that should be cherished.

7. An Effie Off

Kate McKinnon played Effie during Josh Hutcherson’s monologue a fear years back. Time to dig out that Effie costume, and see who can out Effie the other. Like an Effie rap battle! Pitch Perfect style! So many worlds would collide there.

8. This totally softens the blow of Trump

The second Trump ends, it’ll only be one week till Banks takes over!! That’s something for us to keep in the back of our minds while we sit through that episode. Remember, it always gets better.

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